Autoon environmenta research and development center to track the international advanced environmental protection technology, through the cooperation with domestic universities, research and development, or independent research and development of international advanced level of industrial waste gas treatment technology. From chemical washing, adsorption, catalytic oxidation, high temperature incineration, biochemical method, the formation of all the industrial pollution source management.

Completed projects
Under way projects

Autoon Company in line with international and national standards of management system and workflow, strictly in the process of the implementation of the project is to strengthen project management, the project progress, quality, cost and so on target for effective control, to achieve the desired target contract.

The company set up the environment, safety and energy management specialist, be responsible for the project from design to completion operation and customer environment, safety assessment management, responsible for the project and customer energy efficiency management.

Our philosophy

To quality as the center to enhance competitiveness.

Standard by providing customers the perfect goods and services to meet customers fully satisfied.

In product innovation, service and time management.

Use a variety of ways and resources to encourage employees to participate in quality improvement activitiess10竞猜apps10竞猜app,To return to work.

Combine passion, discipline, and the human nature of leadership,Commitment to self-improvement and to emphasize communication.

In the quality of the customers, manufacturers and suppliers to establish close value network system.

Stay ahead in terms of environmental protection and product safety.

Ensure that quality is the standard to company in the competition.

According to this ideas10竞猜app,our company from the market forecast, product design, manufacturing and after-sales service, etc. The whole process of implement total quality management.

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