Xinjiang Tian Thai Fiber Co., Ltd. annual output of 50,000 tons of viscose staple fiber waste gas comprehensive treatment project acceptance success

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  April 22, 2016,Hangzhou Autoon Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Leader in conjunction with the Xinjiang Tian Thai Fiber Co., Ltd. days held responsible for the acceptance conference on Xinjiang Tian Thai fiber exhaust Treatment Project, after a rigorous review and inspection professional meeting announced Xinjiang Tian Thai annual output of 50,000 tons of viscose staple fiber waste gas comprehensive control project acceptance success!

  Xinjiang Tian Thai Fiber Co., Ltd. annual output of 50,000 tons of viscose staple fiber production lines in response to the initiative "New Environmental Law" called for the establishment of a comprehensive management tender for the exhaust gas generated in the production process aspects of domestic advanced emission control technology, mature and have experience in production and management capacity of environmental technology companies invited to bid, environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Autoon honor invited to participate mark.

  Rigorous standard of review stage, Hangzhou Autoon Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. With a deep understanding of all aspects of production of cellulose fibers, a large number of viscose staple fiber waste gas treatment project have experience and advanced emission control technology will eventually bid. Then the two sides signed a contract, officially entered the viscose staple fiber process tail gas recovery projects second phase project.

  For exhaust gas components annual output of 50,000 tons of viscose staple fiber production technology sectors generated: carbon disulfide and hydrogen sulfide, Autoon environmental technology unit in ensuring the safety and emissions standards under the premise of design from simple operation, easy maintenance, low investment, consumption and low running all aspects of design through a caustic adsorption system that uses a number of safe, reliable and energy-efficient means to meet the viscose staple fiber production waste gas recycling needs, while producing better economic benefits. The emission control system of our company in the waste gas treatment industry, "a gas scrubber patent," "an exhaust gas treatment control system viscose fiber," "an exhaust gas carbon disulfide desorption processing apparatus and processing method" and other 7 invention patents and utility model patents.

  October 2015, viscose staple fiber tail gas recovery projects drove into operation, after more than five months of operation, running in good condition, according to the personnel responsible for contract performance test, production stability, the indicators have reached the requirements of the contract, give acceptance. The project passed the acceptance, not only in Xinjiang Tian Thai fiber Hangzhou Autoon Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Integrated exhaust gas treatment technology certainly, it is the company's production and management capabilities fully recognized. Autoon environmental protection in the minds of customers establish a "heart with a professional, professional thing to do," the brand image, and customers formed a friendly and cooperative relations, and project acceptance success for Autoon environmental protection "in order to achieve the blue sky dream as the goal, efforts growth in industrial waste gas treatment industry market share leader, technology integration leading green enterprises, "the great goal further.


  Hangzhou Autoon Environmental Protection ,To be an expert of the earth atmospheric pollution governance,Provide the comprehensive solution for industrial waste gas treatment.


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