Changzhou Foreign Language School excessive pollution or standards? "Cancer" Students go from here?

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  Jiangsu Changzhou elite foreign language schools (often referred to outside) since September last year, moved into the new school site, school students up to 493 "trouble", dermatitis, eczema, bronchitis, leukopenia and other abnormal symptoms, individual students are more isolated lymphatic cancer, leukemia (commonly known as blood cancer) and other critical illness. Suspect due to large number of students near "poison ground (by chemical contamination of land)," Chemical Waste Remediation Project diffusion caused discomfort, public opinion everywhere, often outside the deep "pollution school" whirlpool.

  The investigation, within 100 meters of schools three chemical toxic pesticide factory site, the authorities but will poison the land converted to commercial use, earlier toxicological repair works. According to the environmental impact report, poison the land to the site of the three plants, groundwater appears chlorobenzene, carbon tetrachloride and other organic pollutants, the most serious in the sample, more than 9.4 times exceeded chlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene soil also exceeded 7.8 times, mercury, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals are also seriously overweight.

  It reported that, it is worth noting that the EIA report in March 2012 was eligible for approval, but the new school as early as seven months ago in the foundation construction, repair work stoppage two years ago but had parental opposition, but in the end the Government still insist on strong push. Since the construction of groundwater sources used by serious pollution, resulting in school classrooms, dormitories, libraries and so many, there propyl cave, benzene, toluene, methylene chloride and other toxic chemical content exceeded. Students enrolled in September last year, is still poison soil excavation repair, volatile organic compounds in order to spread out dust, student inevitable.

  However, the mainland, while providing drug with at least 300 meters from the school, nor should be close to residential areas. But often outside the site it is obviously illegal, separated by only 100 meters. Parents repeatedly rights are the responsibility of the official called for the prosecution. School was closed in January this year, but parents still eligible complaints seriously.

  For students appearing lymph nodes, blood and urine to detect abnormalities phenomenon, March 18, Methodist Medical Group of Experts Organization City Planning Commission conducted an analysis of information, the Group of Experts on the situation of medical interpretation abnormalities of the main check made :

  The main reason for the thyroid nodule analysis are: insufficient or excessive iodine intake, too much stress, congenital autoimmune thyroid organ defects, drug factors, adolescents neck lymph nodes are generally caused by various infections based, with the removal of the cause of infection, and some can be restored within a certain time. In regard to the blood white blood cell count decreased (<4.0 * 109 / L), there are three general reasons: First, the drugs, such as taking anti-inflammatory drugs, sulfa drugs, etc; the second is a viral infection, such as influenza, viral infection ; three is suffering from immune system diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  "Changzhou Foreign Language School students after the relocation to new premises environment appears abnormal reaction" after the incident, the Changzhou municipal government held an emergency meeting in the evening immediately, set up a joint investigation group, start the investigation disposal.

  MEP updates for Changzhou Foreign Language School surrounding environment pollution, the Environmental Protection Department, the Jiangsu provincial government has held a special meeting to study and set up a joint investigation team, will make announcements to the public at the end of the investigation. The Ministry of Education also said that Jiangsu Changzhou Foreign Language School attaches great importance to the surrounding environment pollution, Education Steering Committee of the State Council Office of Education has started a major emergency special supervision mechanism, led by the state inspectors went to special supervision locally. Steering Group will be published in the relevant supervision and investigation, and earnestly safeguard the health of students.

  Children are the future, as if the problem of environmental pollution is very serious, pay close attention to developments, environmental pollution, everyone boycott.

  Autoon environmental protection, pollution control experts in the Earth's atmosphere, emissions control for industrial enterprises provide a comprehensive solution.

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