《Rush out haze Fu 》 comes from at zero:00 music band to take us to rush out fog haze for sky

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Zero:00 that has been earnestly practicing to pay attention to environmental protection business music band, also ask for help of a new album 《how love you, do you know?!》Win a sharp attitude public-spirited song 《 rushes out haze Fu 》, the attitude fresh clear earth's surface reached oneself's disaffection for pollution of the environment, this rock'n roll with sheer strength song, will appeal that the spirit of environmental protection integrated into rhythm mightiness of song breeze in, as if on recording a Jing clock, temporarily caused large numbers of net friends sympathy on the network-"fog haze covers with the sky, the blue sky disappearance disappears, air severity pollution, breathe to become difficult, won what evil curse, is money thus greedy, this city makes people frightened, the Yang dust spreads all over the sky ……" livingly described at that moment"fog is all" in Peking present condition.Music band five members are old five, big hair, the dynasty Luo receive, Yang Hai Dong and Sara said, hope while taking care of health, everyone can profoundly raise own environmental protection consciousness, and appeal that the department concerned values the air quality of Peking present condition further, otherwise"everyone really and face to face can not see where was each other !"

Autoon environmental protection science and technology in Hangzhou does the Earth air pollution to manage an expert and manages to measure a body to make to order an overall solution for industrial business enterprise waste gas.


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