Fog haze absolute being song 《frightenned to death a baby 》 is lifted ascend two will represent a proposal

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Fog haze absolute being song 《frightenning to death a baby 》 is who sing?The answer is a gorgeous week Hong, week gorgeous Hong not only is a lord to sing return and write words.Week gorgeous Hong always concentrate on a child public welfare, therefore rose to write the head viewpoint concerning the song of fog haze.Return to lyrics, a lot of net friends finished listenning to this song to good opinion.Lord creates teams and reveals, of so choose this, hoping that using a network is hot phrase and arouses the concern and thinking of more people to fog haze."Don't let'anti- haze'become a momentary topic, but good arrive continuously concern."

With persistently vomit slot fog haze different, this"the song of fog haze" is more to be appealing that everyone goes to move, anti- haze, positive such as lyrics in write of"don't at wait breeze, we make great effort together".The week gorgeous Hong says that write the problem of "concern fog haze" into song, be hope that the way that pass to sing expresses a people to at present under"fog haze" in Peking of environment, live status of surprised and helpless, hope that everyone continuously pays attention to fog haze in the middle of"make fun of", it lets the lyrics"now awakening isn't and late, believe definitely similar to past in the future" become positive anti- haze energy.

《Frightenned to death a baby 》 head hair is being placed in fog haze in Peking for red early-warning period, quickly spread to open online, caused the hot argument of net friend and citizen.There is net friend that comment on "come close reality very much, very good", and the net friend makes fun of to say "finish listenning to this song son feel, still must hold firmly to do the real fact anti- haze, let later of' baby' little be subjected to harassment of fog haze".After song releases, the related showbiz makes to smile version video frequency etc. to continuously be online each big video frequency website, the net friend says "finish seeing the video frequency smile to kill a baby, thought very thunder person, ten thousand ten thousand surprisingly, I am educated like this".

The week gorgeous Hong means that hope to deliver social sense of responsibility through this song, promote life consciousness of the low carbon environmental protection of large citizen, strengthen to the environmental protection and the citizen healthy value."Also hope that everyone is from the oneself, the what lies in one's power does some affairs, for'anti- haze'offer personal dint."

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