The northern heavy haze surrounds, the pollution manages to invest total amount serious shortage, "the atmosphere is ten" have no dint?

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For further implementation 《air pollution prevention and cure activity plan 》 , speed up a place to enhance winter the air pollution preventing and curing, environmental protection department in October, 2015 to March, 2016 period, continue to organize to develop the mensal air pollution prevention and cure Du to check an activity.

In October, 2015, environmental protection department China east and China south, southwest, northwest, northeast environmental protection the Du check the center turns city, black river City to the Heilongjiang province Harbin City and Sui, Jia in Zhejiang province interest city, Shaoxing City, rather wave City, the Guangdong province Guangzhou City and Zhao celebrates city, Xiang pond City in Hunan province, Chongqing City lord city area, beam even area, Sichuan province reaches state City, expect medium city, Zhao City in Yunnan province, Shaanxi province Xian City, salty sun City, the gold Chang City in Gansu province waits 17 grounds City(area) to carry on point the Du check.

Each Du checks a set to adopt to check clearly, dark check the way for combining together, make selective check totally each kind of industry 228, the detection pollutes a source over-standard emissions, have never circulated facilities, small business enterprises district pollution, gas station oil of pollutant processing as usual spirit recall the facilities don't use as usual etc. problem.Especially 24 typical model environment illegal case will to the society notification, among them, 3|4 business enterprises have never installed to take off sulphur to take off nitric device and adopt a thick put type to line up dirty;1|4 factory gearings take off sulphur to take off nitric device, but can not attain standard emissions.

According to understand, recently, parts of regions in northern China sinks into serious fog haze to surround.After getting into to provide a warm quarter this year, the city Jin hopes and northeast parts of PM2.5s in the region continuously explode form.

China sweeps an air alliance the Secretariat releases today of the 《air pollution prevention and cure activity plan(2013-2017) implementation of hurl margin need and influence 》 research paper point out:The air pollution prevention and cure activity plans implementation of direct investment totally need 1.84 dollars, the central public finance devotion scale compares an actual need to fall bad a little bit greatly, our country the air pollution manage still existence investment the total amount is serious shortage etc. problem.

Two years, the air pollution of the our country develops a situation more rigorous.In September, 2013, State Department printed to deliver 《air pollution prevention and cure activity plan(2013-2017) (again call "the atmosphere is ten")》 , in order to carry out the plan, everyplace government also continuously set correspond of project.

Although don't lack effort, because of"prevent and cure realm to lack management experience and enough resources in the air pollution, a lot of places want to attain'the atmosphere is ten'request of the air quality improvement target still have a lot of challenges and carry out environment air quality standard(the PM2.5 yearses all are worth a 35 ugs|m 3) in China nation to even attain the target existence that World Health Organization guides a value(the PM2.5 yearses all are worth a 10 ugs|m 3) certain difficulty."The expert who participates in this research means.

According to know, the report from environmental protection department environment programming the hospital and Nanking university constitute of expert work set after more than two years of on-the-spot investigation, statistics, analysis with measure calculate summary completion.Suggest in the report, the national air pollution prevention and cure activity plans implementation directly to invest to totally needs 1.84 dollars and compared to increase 8% with 1.7 dollars before anticipating.The pollution that the whole country is excellent to turn energy structure and move a source pollution treatment and industrial business enterprise manages, the noodles source pollution manage of invest the need difference as 284,400,000,000 dollars, 1,406,766,000,000 dollars, 91,544,000,000 dollars and 61,572,000,000 dollars.Jing Jin hopes, long triangle, bead triangle three greatly and particularly the air pollution of the district prevention and cure the activity plan implementation of direct investment need 249,029,000,000 dollars, 238,469,000,000 dollars and 90,358,000,000 dollars respectively.The statistics suggests that the city Jin hopes need to invest the biggest part is industrial business enterprise pollution to manage, long triangle and bead triangle then move a source pollution treatment.

The report points out that our country can not form the hurl margin of steady effective atmosphere activity plan implementation mechanism currently, and central public finance devotion the scale(in 2013 with in 2014 just for 5,000,000,000 dollars, 10,000,000,000 dollars) Be compared to actual need still fall bad a little bit greatly, past our country the air pollution manage still existence investment total amount serious shortage, excessively depend on the government public finance devotion and margin outlet single etc. problem.

The report suggests that should fight for diverse funds source for the air pollution prevention and cure first outlet:The national budget including model sex reward can expand various money raising outlets in the local government organization at the same time and pass to line up a dirty fee to collect or fine money...etc. to obtain funds from the pollution business enterprise;Can pry a privately owned section investment secondly, establishment Mr. private match colleague's relation of camp;The end can also pass the periodically public public finance expenditure performance evaluation exaltation funds use efficiency and effect.The local government should also consider integrating with other governments in the district to share a resources and avoid a repeated sex work.

The Ao environmental protection is industrial waste gas to manage an expert and provide waste gas to manage an overall solution for industrial business enterprise, provide for the business enterprise the quantity body makes to order of the waste gas manage device.In order to break up Chinese fog haze evil-foreboding dream, come true blue sky dream but diligent!

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