Heat haze in the north, the south still envy?

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All of air insides are the flavor sons of brown coals

According to the data analysis of environmental protection section in Heilongjiang province to monitor result, recently of in heavy pollution the weather, initial pollutant is buring coal, have 40% around;It secondly is recent medium the seasonal Ji Gan widespreadly denouncing to burn.The Ji Gan burns and the car tail annoy, the aggregate takes up 35% of the pollutant around.

This year Harbin provides a warm quarter just arrive, fog haze the weather arrive in close succession, polluted index number to once explode form, caused the big parts of primary and junior high school inside the city suspend classes to avoid haze;Air in the park monitors a station"explode form" is also.So of be provided for warm quarter to open the bureau make a lot of Harbin persons astounded, before expectant"is warm house of+ the pale blue is blue" didn't appear.

As early as July, this year, department concerned in Harbin City takes preventive measures and target the chief culprit of "provide hot haze" for provide hot business enterprise widespreadly adopt of low price brown coal, and adopt to correspond measure.《Concerning the notice that further norm the whole city order in the coal market strengthens a direct management work 》 of the July in Harbin set, take"the sale and use that strictly controls coal specieses like inferior brown coal,etc pushes forward to efficiently sweep coal exploitation, improvement air quality" as a purpose.

From a monthses per years to November, the north starts providing warm, the south started putting on more clothes, the topic of "south concentration provide warm" again beginning hot.

But at present of the environment accepted to can not stand south concentration to provide warm pollution level any further.And don't say north a to provide a warm quarter, fog haze index number Ceng Ceng upwards rises, the south is once also adopting concentration to provide is warm, regardless adopt a buring coal still a gas method, will manage to result in strong pressure to the air.That's right, the dispersion of south keeps warm a way now, will also result in certain pollution, but concentration provide warm pollution affirmation is present several the class double.This regardless to public still government section to speak, is all unbearable of heavy.

Provide warm north in the concentration, many residents still need to bear with the chill of the indoor;But in some southern cities, above 90% family has to keep warm an equipments and starts becoming not so hard to carry on in winter.Is also say that concentration in the north provides warm, not definitely if have a liking for go to so fine;And the south asunder keep warm, also not not commendable.

In fact this year 10 the end of the months, the air pollution prevents and cures a cooperation mechanism formal start, the work principle of the establishment"the responsibility is total load of, information share, consultation orchestration, allied defend allied control", period Peking completes six areas: one city one to sweep an energy reformation;Tienjin can not effectively should want to make track for responsibility Hebei to heavy pollution the weather and reduce 40,000,000 ton the coal-fired task resolve city;Jing Jin hopes and the peripheral air pollution prevention and cure cooperation mechanism in region start waits a series of measure and all is provided for warm season to can make PM2.5 decline down now for the sake of the clear winter spring.

Believe common participation that passes environmental protection department, government, business enterprise and public, support, mutual aid, effort, PM2.5 in the whole whole country can really decline down, let "is warm house of+ the pale blue is blue" Be not the dream any more.

The Ao environmental protection is industrial waste gas to manage an expert and provide waste gas to manage an overall solution for industrial business enterprise, provide for the business enterprise the quantity body makes to order of the waste gas manage device.In order to break up Chinese fog haze evil-foreboding dream, come true blue sky dream but diligent!

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