Hangzhou Autoon Environmental Technology Stock Corporation was established in Hangzhou high-tech industrial development zone on March the 11th, 2003. Autoon is a high-tech enterprise sustained by the state which offers professional service of waste gas treatment, equipment sales and has an independent capability of research and development.(Certificate No.:GF201333000427).

Autoon has strong technical strength, the existing staff of 50 people, including college education 45 people, R & D personnel 24 people, with special pollution control engineering design qualification, general contractor qualification, environmental engineering contractor three qualifications and safety production qualification, complete security system, system design, procurement and supervision system and improve the quality management and project management system, in order to disperse the haze Chinese nightmare, a dream realized blue sky as the goal, strive to grow as industrial waste gas treatment industry market share first, the technical integration of the first green enterprise.

Autoon Environmental nine advantages:

Fiber core technology of our company for many years of successful implementation, DCS automation projects and in-depth understanding of all aspects of chemical fiber production provides us with integrated pollution control solutions for chemical fiber industry to provide a solid foundation;

Our company successfully developed modal fibers, flame retardant fiber, high strength fiber, various types of production line technology, equipment fully grasp;

We designed the sets in use exhaust gas treatment apparatus so that we have accumulated enough experience in project and project data;

Exhaust gas treatment device we designed the safe, never security incidents;

Our company is the reference standard unit 2013 industry emission standards established by the atmosphere, the latest standards-setting case provided integrated pollution control solutions to meet the latest standards and meet emissions standards;

We have washed, adsorption, organic sulfuric acid method and VOC emission control technology overall, arranged first in the industry;

We are in the emissions control industry with over 60% market share in the industry ranks number one;

Autoon has improved the design, development, project management, finance and marketing team, providing customers with quality services;

Our work has been listed in full swing, the company funds PE is completed, the company will be more strength for the customer projects to provide protection.

  • Target

    Come true blue skies dream

  • Conception


    Toleration s10竞猜app、Win-Win

  • Brand

    Quality Service

  • Values


  • Team spirit

    Passion Confidence Goal Responsibility

    Compete Communicate Speed execute



The students were identified as enterprises

2010 / 02 / 18

For the evaluation of national hi tech enterprise

2010 / 04 / 22

Through the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification

2010 / 06/ 02

The project was included in the national Torch Program industrial demonstration

2010/ 09 / 13

Waste gas recovery device, identified as "the leading domestic scientific and technological achievements"


Innovation Fund Project



Is listed as "national emission standard" industrial air preparation unit

Hangzhou Autoon Environmental Technology Stock Corporation




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